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Your Chic Oval Logo Pkg

Each of these logos is included as:

♦ Vertical Logo
♦ Horizontal Logo
♦ Logo Sub-Mark
♦ Logo Name

All Files Are 2000px Or More

You will also receive for your reference:

♦ Branding Board, JPEG


  1. This listing is for the purchase of a digital/printable logo pkg.
  2. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download your receipt for the pkg.
  3. You will then need to email me at the address on the receipt or shop msg me the brand name that you want to use.
  4. Within 4 days, I will complete your logo pkg by adding your brand name to the logos.
  5. I will then create a reserved listing for you here at the shop, at $0 cost.
  6. I will email/msg you that the listing is ready.
  7. You will purchase the listing at $0 cost and receive your link to your completed logo pkg.
  8. The pkg will be in a ZIP file/folder and will contain 8 graphic printable/digital PDF and JPEG files, including a graphics license file noting your ownership. No hard copies will be sent.

How To Un-Zip Files

How To Use PDF Files

How To Use File Downloads

PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE ORDERING.  Msg me by using the Contact link in the navigation bar above. You will also find my email at the bottom in Shop Policies.

In ordering from PRINTAPHORIA, you agree that these files are non-exchangeable, non-returnable, non-refundable. Digital purchases cannot be canceled.

Important Info:

Your initial purchase will be a paid receipt.

Your 2nd purchase will be a free logo pkg download for your receipt.

Changes to the logo, other than the initial addition of the brand name, are not included in this package.

Ongoing design support is not included in this package.

The number of words in your brand name will affect the appearance of your logo. The words that you use will need to be fitted into the pre-made design. While the same font will be used, the overall look may be considerably different than the stock words used in the images. If you have less words, they will need to be enlarged. If you have more words, they will need to be reduced.

While some elements of this logo may be reworked into new designs by ACDS, this logo/pkg will never be resold. This design is the exclusive property of the brand owner.

ACDS is not responsible for the possible digital theft and reuse of this logo.

It is the responsibility of the brand owner to become educated about protecting his/her logo and brand name.

ACDS does not register brand names or trademark logos or provide legal business advice.

Thank You For Visiting Printaphoria!

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